Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More wedding pics...

This first pic is of the bride and groom. As I said in my last post...she positively glowed. The reception was lovely...great food...lots of dancing...no alcohol as they are all very Baptist and don't drink.

I love this next pic. One of the rare moments when the children were actually getting along. Don't worry....shortly after this was taken...they were back to bickering lol. I wanted to get a pic of both boys kissing their sister on the cheek but she was having nothing to do with that idea! So this spontaneous pic is a close as we got.

Andrew and I. No, I am not pregnant lol. I swear, if I had seen myself in pictures in that dress before I bought it, it would have stayed on the rack! The empire waist (I think that's what it's called) was great for staying cool, eating and generally being comfy...but I look pregnant in all the pics lol. I know I am not at my most svelte right now but honestly, I didn't think I looked that bad...the camera adds 30 lbs right?

The kids and I...notice strategic kid placement to cover me lol.

As for other news...hmmm...the kids went to their dad's Saturday morning so Andrew and I had the rest of the weekend to ourselves. We both had errands to run on Saturday, had a quiet evening in on Saturday night (Chinese food and a movie at home). Sunday we went out to IKEA to wander around...bought a few minor kitchen items...then went to the North Shore Mountains to go for a walk. We picked what the park had labeled as an "easy hiking trail suitable for the elderly, children etc...with one steep part". Ummm, they LIED lol. The steep part lasted half the hike lol. It was riddled with tree roots, rocks, boulders, etc. Maybe a really fit older person could do it but it definitely was not a stroll on the beach. It showed me how truly out of shape both Andrew and I are. We died in the beginning....but once we got past the initial "OMG I think my heart is going to pound out of my chest phase"...it felt really good to be out and moving about. My butt was feeling it yesterday :)

One thing that I have discovered about myself is that I eat when I am happy. The times when I have been thinnest in my life have all been when I was unhappy. I think for me, it's the whole I am happy so let's celebrate by eating and drinking and making merry lol. I need to get a handle on this...SOON lol. My last attempt before the wedding never got off the ground...too much stress over the whole son/ex thing. Now I have no excuse. Truly I don't. I have everything I need to be in phenomenal shape...the equipment, the knowledge...what I am lacking is the will power, the drive, the motivation. I am just too darn content right now lol. It's all Andrew's fault...he keeps me too happy :) When I think about biting the bullet and hopping back onto BFL with all the workouts and structured eating, I just can't seem to find the drive to do it all.

What motivates you?


Eileen said...

I like the dress...and I think it looks fine! I have actually seen that dress in the stores here...I've been shopping for cruise outfits. I didn't try that one on...I like it better "on" than on the hanger.

Nice pics all around.

Pamela said...

Hello hello ..this is me crawling out from under my rock.. LOVE the pics & all the stories ..Gods you write well! Glad the wedding went so great ! where was it? As to the getting umm back in shape ..ohhh I SO hear ya sister! BIG TIME! .. me & LOOSE sundresses are all I can manage right now..*sigh* mind you I guess as you say the eating & drinkin & making merry does NOT help!
we Gotta find a way to team up hon!Heck we could even throw a Hitchcock-ian Criss Cross in for good measure... ;)

Stef said...

Great pix Suzanne!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Suzanne, such beautiful pictures. Really. You look absolutely beautiful, and the dress looks very nice on you. I love the pic of the kids with your son (almost) kissing his sister. They do look truly happy in that one. The bride really looked like she was glowing.

The whole eating and motivation thing.....um, yeah, mine flew out the window and I can't seem to get it back. I've been racking my brain to figure it all out and it just makes me more tired. Wish I had some answers there for you, but I'm struggling with the same thing. I'm thinking if maybe I get on the scale and see that my weight is creeping back up, maybe that will be the incentive to move my big butt, but then again it just might depress me and cause me to eat more. See, no answers, sorry.

carolakabb said...

Yeah! Great pictures! What motivates me? Nothing. I pay someone to do that for me now... that's what bootcamp and boxing are all about... paying bc other wise I won't show up. Eating is now simply a matter of me refusing to waste money - as in "I spent $400 damn dollars, I am going to get the most out of it". But also, I am not looking at it as black and white and I am no longer weighing, measuring, etc.

Btw. Yesterday was the first day I can say I felt some difference in the size of the fat on the back of my thighs... lol, that's my ONLY test, the run the hand along it and see if it feels smaller.

Suzanne said...

Pamela ~ The wedding was at a church out in Abbotsford...the reception at Newlands Golf Course.

Carol ~ LOL at your leg test. Glad to see it feels smaller :)