Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mish Mash

Thank you for all your kind words on the pics I posted.

After our hike on Sunday, Andrew and I decided that it felt so good to be up and moving again that we would try to make a point of doing something physical each night (and I don't mean bedroom cardio :P)

So, Monday we went for a bike ride. It got cut short as my daughter was being miserable so we turned back. Still....I give us points for at least getting out to try :)

Tuesday was skipped. This was my fault. I can't play video games. I can't watch other people play video games. The reason for this? I get motion sickness. Yup...motion sickness from a game. Anyway, suffice it to say by the time the kids, Andrew and I finished playing...I was in the loo puking. Yea...good times lol.

Last night we went 10 pin bowling. We played a couple games...Andrew won the first...I won the second :) Not what I would consider a workout but at least we were out moving.

The time has come for me to bite the bullet and get back on track. Due to the bowling last night, I set aside my loose summer sundress attire for a pair of jeans. They were snug...just a wee bit uncomfy. Granted it is right before TOM...but still...I am not carrying 10lbs of bloat. The other day I was asking about people's motivation...well, I think mine could be not wanting to have to purchase a whole new wardrobe in a larger size!

So, now I ponder whether to bite the bullet fully and do serious BFL or to take smaller bites and just try to improve my eating/work out habits without doing the full out BFL thing. The jury is still out on this.

I was reading Stef's blog this morning and in it she has this counter thing that counts down to her 40th birthday. It dawned on me that my 40th is coming about 6 1/2 months. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be fit and fabulous at forty? What a wonderful gift to myself!

Hmmm my mind is spinning here...maybe I should take the next couple weeks to ease into it slowly...then on August 6 (6 months before my 40th) see if my mojo has come back enough for me to try hitting it hard.

I'm so disgusted with myself for having said in the past that I am going to do this...and then letting things derail me. For once, I just want to follow through and do what I say I am going to do. It is fear of failing yet again that makes me want to do it in small measures. Hard to fail when you set no concrete goals. I call it the loosey-goosey approach to BFL. You have no idea how annoyed I am with myself that I just can't seem to commit to this thing. Especially since when you think about really is very simple....6 meals a day....6 workouts a week. So very simple yet when I think about actually doing seems too hard. I know I can do it...I lived BFL for over a year. Maybe I just don't want to give up my poor eating habits and lazy behaviour. For the life of me I can't figure out why. I felt so much better when I was on BFL...I had tons of energy...felt on top of the world, sexy, ALIVE!

OK...enough whining...just for today I am going to hit the treadmill and eat BFL.

It's a starting point. We all have to start somewhere.


Eileen said...

Start someplace smaller.

Three workouts a week.

Then four workouts a week.

Then five, then six.

Same with the meals....three BFL meals a day during the first week, more the next and then you're there.

Just start.

Pamela said...

I hear ya darlin ...loud & clear! Can I just copy & paste to my blog?? *sigh* ...ok except the part about getting sick watching video games! ~lol~ poor you! :P

Stef said...

Suzanne...I decided I want to be "Fabulous and 40", not "Frumpy, Flabby and Fat at 40". But it has to start NOW...... I can't wait til I am 40 to start. There is no time like the present to get your ass in gear. Go 4 it girl! Don't wait til your birthday comes and be kicking yourself! DO IT NOW!!!! FAT BE GONE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Are you in my head too? I was just looking at tracker and going over some of the transformations and decided to get back on the BFL bandwagon. I typed up a menu and a schedule, I already have the workout on my wall in my basement. I'm going to start Monday. That's it, I'm done with excuses. Either I want it or I don't. Plain and simple. Yeah, wish it was that plain and simple, but I make it harder than it should be. If it's better for you to start out slowly, than do that. If not, go gung-ho! Start with me Monday! We could do our food shopping over the weekend, Sunday cook what we need for the week and put it into little containers and the exercise part, we already know what to do there. I'm putting up my before pics at tracker and everything. It's not going to be a pretty site, but it must be done. All of the changes and different things that I've tried have never worked as well as BFL. I'm going back to basics. Join me!

Oh, and my incentive this time is Halloween. We plan on going to Vegas or LA for Halloween this year with some friends and I want to look H O T in my costume. It's not that far away if you think about it. It's perfect timing.