Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Hump Day...

The last couple days have been fairly decent. I missed Monday's workout...TV died....went shopping for new one...TV came back to life lol. Guess it knew it was going to be dumpsterville if it didn't work again :)

Yesterday I walked inclines on the treadmill...went at 3 to 4.5 mph and 9 to 12% incline. It's weird, I burn more calories according to the machine doing this type of workout than I do running...yet I find the inclines easier than the running....go figure lol. Last night I went for a bike ride...was almost able to keep up with Andrew but had to hold back because we had the kids with us. Keaton, my 7 yr old, is a fireball. The kid just does not get tuckered out. My daughter on the other hand was sucking the hind tit and was rather discouraged. I told her she just needs to condition her body (and choose undies that don't crawl up her butt lol), and she will get there.

Eating has been hit and miss. I am struggling with resisting sugary sweets. They are all gone hopefully that will put an end to that problem. We went shopping at Costco on Monday night and I have filled the cupboards with good, clean choices...JUNK BE GONE!!

Weighed in this morning and I have gained weight. Yea...bit discouraging but I am not giving up. If anything, it has made me want to clean up my eating just so I can see a drop in the blasted number.

Keaton was complaining about a sore tooth yesterday...he was in we went to the dentist at 7am this morning to get it looked at. He has decay under one of his has reached the nerve, so now they are going to either open the tooth up and put sterile packing inside and cap it...or if there is too much nerve damage, they will pull the tooth out and put a spacer in since this is a tooth that isn't due to fall out for another 4 years. Either way, it's going to be costly grrrrr. Place your bets....I am guessing about $500.

That's it for now...keepin' it real xoxo


Pamela said...

funny about the TV...sorry bout Keatons tooth! OOOWWW!
Still waiting for that call ~lol~

carolakabb said...

THROW the scale away!!!!! I think it is the most self-defeating thing we can do... we see it go up, we get down in the dumps and feel like nothing is ever going to work... BAH. I don't think I am ever going to step on one again.

good for you on those inclines!!!

YUCK on the $500.

now go right now and toss the scale :)!!!!!

carolakabb said...

ps - re the eating - what I have finally noticed is that if I don't eat enough throughout the day - EVEN if i am not hungry - it blows up on me at the end of the day and I end up binging.

Conversely, eat enough during the day and night time is no problem what so ever.

I just see this over and over again. It's a hard mindset to get over that I should eat my full amount of calories and NOT skip my mid-afternoon meal when I am not hungry (hey, it's like a calorie saved a calorie you don't have to burn right?), but it's the only way for me....