Monday, July 23, 2007

Insert title here...

Eileen ~ I like the idea of starting some place smaller and have taken that advice to heart. Any improvements at this point in time are much better than sitting back and being overwhelmed by the "gung ho BFL".

Pamela ~ Go ahead and copy and paste lol. Geez, and no I haven't forgotten to call you.

Stef ~ "frumpy, flabby and fat at 40" *shudders*. That phrase alone will have me hitting the tready.

Evelyne ~ I think we are in each others heads :) A lot of what you write about is exactly what floats through my head. I am easing into BFL slowly but consider me "in".

Now...onto what I have been up to.

Thursday ~ I got my run done. I will use the word run loosely since there seemed to be more walking and jiggling going on than running. BUT I got it done :) Eating was pretty good...maybe not enough...but I stayed on track.

Friday ~ As per Eileen's suggestion, I am easing into BFL slowly so I had no workout scheduled for today. Eating was on track....I even resisted take out Chinese food and had a salad with chicken on top instead :)

Saturday ~ Went for a bike ride. Eating was off as I wasn't feeling that well. Not eating bad stuff per se...just not eating as much as I should.

Sunday ~ no workout....eating off again....still not feeling well.

Water has been good on all accounts.

Friday night Andrew and I took the kids swimming. We didn't go in the pool but sat on the deck and watched. Next to the observation deck is a wall of windows where you can see the people in the gym working out. I have to got me fired up a bit to see all those hard bods working was mostly men in there so I had plenty to admire :)

There was this one guy with the most gorgeous arms....he was wearing sweat pants so I was really hoping that he wasn't one of those guys that works his upper body but does squat with his lower and ends up top heavy with chicken legs. He really seemed to know what he was doing. Then there was the other end of the spectrum....the guy lifting way more than he should be and using horrible form. I felt like going in there and smacking him upside the head lol. The funniest was this guy who was holding these 5lb weights and doing side bends. Absolutely no form, and doing them SUPERFAST. Not sure what he was trying to do and I was truly thankful that I was on the other side of the glass and not in there trying to lift through my laughter :)

It has been so long since I have worked out at a gym that it truly was very entertaining to sit back and watch them. And yes, it did make me want to get in there and lift...which really surprised me since I hate lifting.

Anyway, that's it for to do my workout.


Eileen said...

Yeah, a start....that's all it takes...

People-watching at the gym is so fun. There are a lot of old men there when I go in the mornings and they do some interesting things with the weights. Then I go behind them, increase the weights a whole bunch, and put them to shame. They laugh about it guy told me I was going to live forever if I kept all this up. The old guys used to get on my nerves, but I sort of like them now.

carolakabb said...

go girl go!

Pamela said...

*ahem* still waiting on the call there girly girl! & LOL about the "gym watchin! "

Anonymous said...

So glad you are *in*. No matter how slow a start, just getting what makes you FEEL good is what counts. We're gonna kick some booty, watch and see. I haven't been to a gym in eons. But from what I do remember, either I wanted to laugh or cry at what I saw people doing. I like my little basement, I really do.